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An infinite number of monkeys at an infinite number of typewriters … flinging poo.

Hi, I’m P.A. Fenton.  My name is Paul, but I write under P.A. in a lazy attempt to shake off work colleagues who get lost on their way to LinkedIn.  I write fiction, mostly eBooks (and by mostly, I mean exclusively).  I read anything which grabs my interest, from black comedy to thriller to literary to historical to anything else grabby.

Easiest way to get in touch is via Twitter. I’m open to being stalked.  Who wouldn’t want to be stalked at least once?


“An extraordinary voice, great writing”
“Fast paced and exciting”
“… hip, flip and an enjoyable comedic thriller”


Luca Pope would normally be pleased to see his novels on bookstore shelves, especially if it were his name on the covers. Five novels bearing five different author names, and he has no idea how it happened.

Unemployed and with nothing better to do than to entertain thoughts of violent retribution, Luca sets out to track down and corner the plagiarists, to extract answers and confessions – if they’d just stay alive long enough to oblige. Urged on by a sense of righteous outrage and an inner voice named Hodges, Luca departs his career of salaried apathy to pursue the life which has been brazenly stolen from him: successful novelist … or failing that, serial killer.

Punchline is a black comedy about plagiarism, paranoia, and one man’s poorly-judged attempts to out the bastards who stole his books.

Two wrongs don’t make a right … but five should do it.

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Cellar Door

“He can go from hysterically funny to deeply poignant in a few words”
“I can officially say, now, that P.A Fenton is one of my new favourite authors”

Sara found a gun under the floor. That’s where it all started to go wrong.

Zak and Sara discover a hidden room adjoining the cellar of their house. The room contains a large supply of opium resin, four crates of World War Two machine pistols, and a decapitated corpse in a bath-tub. They’ve both recently lost their jobs and are struggling to pay their bills, so they attempt to profit from their discovery … just until the economy picks up again, of course.

They’re not the only ones interested in what else is under the floor of the house in this black comedy.

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Natural Deselection

“Loved it – full of suspense and intrigue!”
“An excellent read”
“…  delightfully entertaining transgressive fiction”


The New Regulation means guaranteed jobs for life. Not an easy environment for making layoffs, unless you try to manipulate the life variable.

Chloe Bright has some problems: her comatose ex-fiancé seems to be abusing her by phone from his hospital bed in New York, which is impossible; she has picked up a stalker in London, a girl who copies her outfits and styles to the smallest detail, which also seems impossible; and her job at The Company appears to be under threat, which would also be impossible if it weren’t for the radical headcount-cutting measures being employed by the new efficiency consultant, Lyndon Cutter. Colleagues turn against one another in a survival-of-the-fittest contest, and the man pulling the strings doesn’t mind who gets cut down in the name of natural deselection.

Chloe has to walk the fine line between keeping her job in an economy where jobs are hard to find, and the seedy and deceitful world of Lyndon Cutter … provided she’s not murdered by her abusive caller or her stalker in the meantime.

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The Spanner: A Novella

“Rolling out of control!”
Don’t be a Spanner, read this book!

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Stan Ramble has a problem. He has to explain his job at the bank, but he deliberately forgot it five years ago. As pressure mounts on him to produce answers, he realises there’s only one thing for it: time travel. Good thing he has Doctor Who on hand to advise him; shame he’s a hallucination.

It’s a race against time in more ways than one for Stan as he competes with a pair of analysts, Ryan and Kong, who have been sent by Group to dislodge this particular spanner from the works of the bank. They’ve never encountered a barrier quite like Stan though.

The Spanner is a comic novella about absurd incompetence trying to dig itself out of a hole.

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