So much for focus

So, this thing hasn’t exactly gone as planned. I know I said this blog wasn’t going to be an unfocused ramble, a brain-dump, but … once more, I’ve taken a notion to an unnecessary extreme.

Two posts in over a year. Wow, I’ve got so much to say.
It’s not all my fault I haven’t got around to posting — there are a number of things I can blame for soaking up all my time:
1. Work
2. Family
3. The economy
4. Bit Torrent (not that I do that kind of thing)
5. My dog (every time I get on my laptop, he jumps up on my … ahh, Jesus, get down Brubeck … yes, you, you smell … well, okay, just don’t drool on the keyboard)
6. Sport on TV
7. The estate agents charged with trying to sell my house, who seem to believe everyone is perfectly cool with them trying to push down prices just so they can maintain their fucking volume, imbeciles! You’re only hurting yourselves in the long-run! Sorry, they just piss off all the concentration right out of my head.
8. Lambeth Council (they are beyond blame for NOTHING)
9. Warm, delicious alcohol
You get the idea. I could go on … Actually:
10. Justin Bieber. His whole breathing and living and walking around deal just fucks with my concentration.
There, I’m done. Sorry about that. Why am I even apologising? It’s not like anyone’s going to read this. Writing a blog is basically emotional hedging, anyway.
Position A: If I write something stupid (likely), it doesn’t matter because I’m not famous and no-one reads this thing anyway, it’s basically an online diary.
Position B: If I write something stupid, and lots of people read it because I am famous … who cares? I’m famous! Woo-hoo!
I made a New Year’s resolution back when it was an appropriate thing to do: I resolved to make January FiFuNoMo. Most people (by people I mean writers) have heard of NaNoWriMo, or National Novel Writing Month. FiFuNoMo is Finish the Fucking Novel Month. I tried to motivate myself. Surprisingly, it worked. Can February be SeFuNoMo (Sell the Fucking Novel Month)? I doubt it.
Maybe I’ll just try to post more on the blog.