Give it away now …

So I advertised a free offer, where anyone wanting a free copy of Punchline just sent an email with “Punchline” in the subject header. So far I’ve given away twenty or so copies. I hadn’t reckoned on the spam filter though. I am getting really, really tired of checking my junk box.
Here’s my solution:
I’m just going to post the link and the coupon code. Here it is:
Coupon code: HU35T
That coupon only runs to September 20th, so I’ll need to update this with a new one after that.
I’m thinking about offering an incentive of some kind for folks to (a) pick up a free copy and (b) review it. Here’s the plan: Buzzword Bingo! You know the game, you sit in a meeting and have your bingo card of popular meeting phrases, and someone always wins. Well, this would be like that, but for book reviews, except I create the bingo card, and whichever review gets first bingo they get a hundred dollar or fifty pound Amazon voucher. (Am I being a little hard on the value of the dollar there? Maybe.) I figure I’d need to line up a few ducks for that to happen:
1. Fora in which to advertise it
2. Possibly the OK from Amazon … do I need a license to hold a contest?
3. A neutral party to “hold” the bingo card, for verification
It might seem desperate, but I’m simply trying to employ my never-used marketing major. The problem as I see it is that one feels less compelled to read a book if it was free. I myself have a few ARC’s sitting in a storage container somewhere in the arse-end of London, their spines pristine. With my buzzword bingo plan, I figure it’s a win-win situation. Participants get a free book and a shot at a prize, and I get read.
‘Any thoughts?’ he asks himself. He waits for a reply, like a religious nut-job waiting for a reply from a God who is too busy watching Jersey Shores to answer.

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