Self-Promotion Sucks

It’s hard work, and generally fruitless, and it agitates every humble nerve in my body.  Also, it’s massively distracting.

After a month of trying to push Punchline, I have reached the following conclusions:

1. Giving away free copies is a double-edged sword, and a sharp one at that – readers might take up the free copy offer who wouldn’t normally go within ten feet of your book.
2. Punchline is a Marmite book.  I’ve always suspected as much, and evidence observed so far seems to support that theory: two reviews from Goodreads readers, a five-star rating and a one-star rating.  The difference between not rating a book at all and giving it one star is equal to the difference between “didn’t like it” and “hated it”.
3. I have no idea where the market for Punchline hangs out, or if one exists.  I am my ideal buyer, but I don’t like to hang around in crowds.
4. People on the Amazon US boards are considerably more hostile than those on the UK boards; but also more entertaining.
5. If I spend too much time fucking about with this at work, I will probably lose my job.

What I need to do, I think, is chill out for a bit on the promotional side and get back to some writing.