Rosen Trevithick – Straight Out of University

I was recently granted an interview by the gracious Rosen Trevithick, Cornish playwright and novelist par excellence.  Rosen is currently on the e-road promoting her latest novel, Straight Out of University.  Here’s a bit about the book:

Sophie isn’t exclusively gay, but when you’re voted Ms Lesbian Oxford in your first year at university, it does put you under a certain amount of pressure.

Her university life is characterised by passionate love affairs, liberal activism and boundary-pushing theatre.

Nine years later, Sophie returns to her hometown in Cornwall, where girls are friends with girls, boys are friends with boys, and queer is an experience felt when you drink too much cider.

Sophie falls for John, a sensible, conservative male man with a fondness for cardigans, but can they overcome their cultural differences?


Fentonton: Tell me a bit about Straight Out of University.
Rosen: It’s a story about a bisexual woman suspended in the liberal university bubble for the best part of a decade. She’s then thrown back into the real world with a jolt.
Fentonton: Any similarities between you and the MC, Sophie? You know … Were you ever voted Ms Lesbian Oxford?
Rosen: Ha ha! No, I wasn’t. I did win a worst-dressed competition once in Oxford though, which is similarly prestigious, in my opinion.
Fentonton: Do you ever write while intoxicated, or always stone-sober?
Rosen: Sometimes there is a bag of chocolate next to me when I start writing, and when I stop, it’s miraculously gone.
Fentonton: Do you think your story could be improved with the addition of vampires? Vampires still seem unreasonably popular, like goat cheese.
Rosen: Vampires are usually a vehicle for a bad-boy romance story. The leading man in my story wears a cardigan – even fangs couldn’t make him edgy.
Fentonton: Do you like goat cheese?
Rosen: Yes, especially blended with whipped cream to make a mousse, then served with a little fresh basil pesto.
Fentonton: If you could choose between Katie Price, Justin Bieber and Louie Walsh, which one would you have killed?
Rosen: Well, I’m a pacifist so I shouldn’t really kill anybody. However, Louie Walsh is on X-Factor, which is an enemy of the indie world, so he’s asking for trouble…

Straight Out of University is available as an ebook on Amazon UK and Amazon US.



  1. Rosen Trevithick · November 12, 2011

    Thanks for the interview! I don't think I came across at all violent, or with too deviant food tastes!

  2. Paul Fenton · November 12, 2011

    Not at all, though I consider anyone who favours goat cheese as either psychotic or female. Good thing for you you're the latter.

  3. Vegetable Heaven · November 28, 2011

    So what's wrong with goat's cheese?Ah, you already know I'm a psycho!

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