My BADD isn’t getting any better.  (Blog Attention Deficit Disorder … duh.)  Although I’ve proven myself to be utterly useless at maintaining one blog, I’ve decided to start another: Brisbantium.  As you might be able to gather from the title, it’s about Brisbane.  If you haven’t heard of Brisbane, it’s a far-northern suburb of Sydney.  That’s Sydney, Australia.  That’s right, the place where Hugh Jackman comes from.

Brisbane is kind of odd.  I’m going to document my culture shock here, so if I inadvertently become a Queenslander in the process, my family can trace the history of the blog to discover where it happened, because by that stage I’ll be capable of little more than discussing superannuation and watching rugby league.


(I’m not kidding.)

Meanwhile,  I’ve created a small writing nook in the garage.  It’s fairly quiet in there now, but come summer it’ll no doubt become home to half the deadly creatures in the state.  If you don’t hear from me for more than a month, please send the paramedics to the garage.


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